Dover Precision Components Expands Its TruTech High Performance Materials Portfolio

TruTech™ Materials Provide Foundation for Next-Generation Reciprocating Compressor Sealing Solutions

Dover Precision Components is proud to announce the expansion of its TruTech™ materials brand, delivering the latest advances in polymer science to enhance the performance and reliability of critical components in rotating and reciprocating machinery.

Dover Precision Components has made significant investments in its Materials Technology initiative to fully integrate materials research with engineering expertise and practical experience in machinery applications. A world-class team of material scientists has been assembled to develop proprietary TruTech polymeric materials, optimize process parameters and ensure product quality. A dedicated materials laboratory featuring state-of-the-art mechanical, chemical, optical and thermal analysis equipment, as well as advanced friction and wear testing, provides the necessary tools to fully evaluate materials and their signature properties. In addition, the recently constructed Dover Precision Components Innovation Lab allows testing in real-world environments to transform material properties into customer benefits.

Early results of this investment have already shown promise. The Dover Precisions Components Materials Technology initiative has introduced new materials for high-pressure, non-lubricated reciprocating compressor applications and developed new manufacturing methods to provide greater freedom to product development engineers.

“Our TruTech materials provide a significant advantage in meeting customer needs for performance in demanding operating conditions and position us to serve the next generation of reciprocating and rotating machinery,” said Jane Kober, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation for Dover Precision Components. “Our expertise enables us to develop, test, and deliver reliable solutions using the most advanced polymer materials.”

TruTech materials are designed for optimum performance characteristics in a variety of operating conditions and have decades of proven success in the field. They are formulated from high performance polymers, such as PTFE, PEEK, UHMWPE, PPS, polyimide and other high-temperature aromatic polymer materials, in combination with state-of-the-art fillers, carefully selected and formulated to satisfy application requirements. All formulation, manufacturing and testing is done in-house to ensure high quality standards and full traceability.

Broad research and development capabilities allow complete control of the material development process, from material composition and processing through manufacturing and product testing. Maintaining these capabilities in-house provides Dover Precision Components the flexibility to customize material solutions for specific applications and operating environments. New materials receive intensive laboratory analysis and undergo comprehensive testing before release to the field.

The Dover Precision Components Materials Technology initiative is currently developing material solutions to extend the useful life of Cook Compression® packing rings, wiper rings, piston rings and rider rings, as well as enhance performance in non-lubricated environments and process gases, such as hydrogen. The expanded TruTech materials portfolio also includes materials formulated to extend the service life of Waukesha Bearings® fluid film bearing products and Inpro/Seal® Bearing Isolators and Air Mizer® shaft seals.

Dover Precision Components Takes Occupancy of New Innovation Lab

Fluid Film Bearing and Reciprocating Compressor Component Test Rigs Get New Home in Houston

Dover Precision Components, an integrated provider of performance-critical solutions for rotating and reciprocating machinery, has taken occupancy of its new Innovation Lab, located at 11951 N. Spectrum Blvd, Bldg. 2, Houston, TX.

The nearly 12,000 square foot building will centralize the company’s test rigs for hydrodynamic fluid film bearings and reciprocating compressor components and bring together the research and product development teams. Two compressor units used to test valve and sealing technologies under various lubrication schemes and operating conditions have already been installed and are undergoing commissioning. Test rigs supporting fluid film bearing materials development will be commissioned in the coming months, with additional rigs to follow.

Waukesha Bearings® and Cook Compression® use component- and system-level test rigs to validate designs and analytical methods, evaluate performance and reliability, prove out solutions under real machine conditions, and develop next-generation technologies. The new Innovation Lab has four independent test bays to allow work on multiple rigs at once, and dedicated control rooms for safe operation of the equipment. Four additional rooms are utilized for inspection and component testing. The state-of-the-art setup also opens up opportunities to expand capabilities and reconfigure test rigs in support of product development and customer testing.

While test rig commissioning is underway, Dover Precision Components is using the Innovation Lab to support safety measures in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Innovation Lab offices and common areas have been made available as additional break room space to help facilitate social distancing for manufacturing personnel at the company’s Pearland Operations next door.

“Occupancy of the Innovation Lab is an exciting milestone and an emphatic reminder that Dover Precision Components is a forward-looking company,” said Jane Kober, Dover Precision Components Vice President of Innovation & Marketing. “We are committed to providing our customers with proven solutions for reliability and efficiency, today, tomorrow and long into the future.”

Watch a Time-lapse of the Innovation Lab Construction

L.A. Turbine Commissions First ARES AMB Turboexpander-Compressor at New Bakken Shale NGL Plant

L.A. Turbine (LAT) has announced the commissioning of its first ARES Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) Turboexpander-Compressor within a newly established natural gas liquid (NGL) processing plant in the Bakken Shale Play of North Dakota. The official machine start-up and gas flow occurred on October 29. Designed for a plant flow rate of 200MMSCFD, the ARES AMB Turboexpander-Compressor machine features the industry’s first skid-mounted AMB controller and PLC design. L.A. Turbine will continue to share turboexpander and AMB controller performance data updates from the NGL installation site in the coming months.

“This is a milestone moment for L.A. Turbine and for the industry,” said Danny Mascari, president, L.A. Turbine. “In 2016, our founder, John Maskaluk, challenged his engineering team to develop the next generation of turboexpanders using AMB technology. Today this dream is fulfilled with the commissioning of the first LAT ARES AMB turboexpander in North Dakota.”

The USA designed, engineered and built ARES AMB turboexpander is the result of a partnership between L.A. Turbine and Waukesha Magnetic Bearings. Until now, AMB controllers had to be installed in a building away from the skid installation site. With this new AMB controller technology, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies have greater flexibility with the plant site location and layout, capital costs are significantly less, and the machine can be delivered in a shorter timeframe.

“We are proud to be partnering with L.A. Turbine on this technological advance for turboexpanders,” commented Brian Draeger, Director of Sales for Waukesha Bearings. “The commissioning of this first unit is the realization of much hard work and a commitment to delivering innovation to the gas processing industry.”

End-users realize immediate operational benefits with the ARES AMB turboexpander due to the ease of machine installation and commissioning. Plus, less time and labor are required for the start-up and ongoing maintenance, which translates to financial savings. If a turboexpander operational issue occurs, troubleshooting can begin immediately via the remote access capability of the Waukesha Magnetic Bearings Zephyr® controller.

Dover Precision Components Brands Get a Fresh New Online Look

Updated Web Resources on Rotating and Reciprocating Equipment Solutions

Improved online resources are now available for rotating and reciprocating equipment engineers and operators. Waukesha Bearings®, Bearings Plus®, Inpro/Seal® and Cook Compression® have updated their websites to not only enhance the user experience but also expand the technical know-how available to the industry.

The four websites now share a common, streamlined design that reflects the brands’ affiliation with their umbrella company, Dover Precision Components. Enhanced product, industry and application content; extensive, easy-to-navigate resource centers; and rich imagery provide additional insights into the performance-critical solutions these brands provide for the oil & gas, power generation, marine, industrial, chemical and general processing markets.

Waukesha Bearings ( is a global leader in hydrodynamic fluid film bearings and brush seals for high-performing turbomachinery. Under the Waukesha Magnetic Bearings brand, it also produces robust active magnetic bearing systems with third-generation controller technology. New online content reviews bearing functionality as well as application-specific design considerations.

Bearings Plus ( specializes in the repair, replacement and upgrade of fluid film bearings and seals, and has added a bearing damage index to its site content.

Inpro/Seal ( provides permanent bearing protection and complete shaft seals to increase the reliability of rotating equipment. The updated website features a simplified content structure to help guide users to the right sealing solution for their application.

Cook Compression ( delivers custom-engineered valves, sealing technologies, pistons and rods; expert repair and reconditioning services; and advanced technical support for reciprocating compressors. The new web design integrates case studies with product and service details in order to illustrate the real impact of proven solutions.

Across brands and industries, Dover Precision Components aims to better support engineers and operators with these new websites, thereby improving equipment performance and reliability.

Dover Precision Components Breaks Ground on Houston Innovation Lab

Fluid Film Bearing and Reciprocating Compressor Component Test Rigs to Have New Home

Dover Precision Components, an integrated provider of performance-critical solutions for rotating and reciprocating machinery, broke ground on a new Innovation Lab on Thursday, September 26, 2019. The nearly 12,000 square foot building is being constructed directly north of the company’s Pearland Operations at 11951 N. Spectrum Blvd., Houston, TX.

Technology leadership is at the core of Dover Precision Components, and this capital investment represents an ongoing commitment to research and development. In particular, the Innovation Lab will centralize test rigs for hydrodynamic fluid film bearings and reciprocating compressor components previously housed in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, and Knoxville, Tennessee.

As demands on equipment continue to grow and evolve, these test rigs allow Waukesha Bearings® and Cook Compression® to validate designs and analytical methods and test products under demanding operating conditions. In addition, they equip R&D engineers to develop new application solutions that continue to set the industry standard.

“Dover Precision Components prides itself on its long history of innovation,” commented Marcell Ulrichs, Dover Precision Components President, “because we know that our patents, design breakthroughs and material advances are not only establishing our industry leadership but also delivering customer success. This new Innovation Lab will further support the development of next-generation technologies in partnership with our customers.”

The Innovation Lab capabilities will include performance testing of journal and thrust bearings with oil or process lubrication over a wide range of loads and speeds; damper design characterization and enhancement; performance and accelerated life cycle testing of reciprocating compressor components; flow characterization of compressor valves; dynamic testing of packing case leakage; competitive benchmarking; and advanced materials development.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Dover Precision Components Innovation Lab was held Thursday, September 26. The Innovation Lab is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2020, with test rig commissioning to follow.

L.A. Turbine Ships ARES AMB Turboexpander-Compressor

Features exclusive skid-mounted AMB controller and PLC design.

VALENCIA, CA. — L.A. Turbine (LAT) today announced the shipment of its first ARES Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) Turboexpander-Compressor to a new processing plant located in the Bakken Shale Play of North Dakota. The ARES AMB Turboexpander-Compressor is designed for a plant flow rate of 200MMSCFD and will be used for natural gas liquid (NGL) processing. Installation and commissioning are scheduled for third quarter, 2019.

Designed, engineered and built in the USA, the ARES AMB Turboexpander-Compressor features L.A. Turbine’s exclusive skid-mounted AMB control system and programmable logic control (PLC) panel, made possible with a partnership between L.A. Turbine and Waukesha Magnetic Bearings.

L.A. Turbine ARES AMB Turboexpander-Compressor Shipping to North Dakota (Image courtesy of L.A. Turbine)

Until now, AMB controllers had to be installed in a building away from the skid installation site. The on-skid configuration gives equipment, procurement and construction (EPC) companies greater flexibility with the plant site layout, accelerates the design to delivery timeframe, and provides an industry-first AMB design technology at a price on par with standard oil bearing turboexpander units.

The simplicity of design, ease of machine operation, and advanced magnetic bearing technology translates to operational and financial benefits for end users too. Less time and labor are required for the installation and commissioning of the unit and AMB machines require minor ongoing maintenance. If an issue is reported, troubleshooting can begin immediately via the remote access capability of the controller.

L.A. Turbine designs and manufactures application-specific, highly engineered turboexpanders used in hydrocarbon processing, geothermal power generation, industrial gas, power-recovery and refrigeration applications. The company is also a recognized leader in aftermarket repair, redesign, maintenance and production of spare parts for all brands and configurations of turboexpanders worldwide. A global field service team provides diagnostic, maintenance and emergency response 24/7/365. Global headquarters are located in Valencia, California with sales and service support in California, Texas and Belgium. U.S. operations support Canada, South America, Asia, Australia and the United States. European headquarters in Belgium serve Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

L.A. Turbine Releases ARES AMB Turboexpander-Compressor with Industry’s First Skid-Mounted AMB Controller

VALENCIA, CA — L.A. Turbine (LAT) today announced the release of the first ARES Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) turboexpander-compressor designed for a 200MMSCFD gas processing plant. The ARES AMB Turboexpander features the industry’s first skid-mounted AMB control system and programmable logic control (PLC) panel, made possible due to engineering and technological innovations resulting from a partnership between L.A. Turbine and Waukesha Magnetic Bearings. Gas processors immediately benefit from lower CAPEX, faster commissioning, decreased maintenance, greater site layout, temperature and performance flexibility, a smaller footprint, and a more environmentally friendly machine.

Until now, AMB controllers needed to be installed in a building away from the skid installation site. This required additional capital investments, specialist labor costs and time. With the new ARES AMB design, the control system is installed directly on the turboexpander skid and is ready for operation upon delivery to the site. Plus, operators benefit from the ability to perform remote commissioning, monitoring and tuning of machine performance due to the high-tech digital signal processors and control algorithms of the Waukesha Magnetic Bearings Zephyr® 5-Axis Controller. The adoption of magnetic bearings results in lower property, plant and equipment costs overall. Not only are capital costs decreased but future costs diminish due to the elimination of ongoing maintenance for auxiliary systems. Continuing technological advances like the on-skid controller increase the scalability of magnetic bearings to make them more accessible for all customers.

L.A. Turbine’s ARES line also includes the ARES Oil Turboexpander-Compressor featuring an oil bearing auxiliary system. Both configurations are standardized, another industry-first, and are designed for gas processing plant capacities of 60/120/200/300MMSCFD. In less than one year, L.A. Turbine engineers took a product concept and delivered the ARES Turboexpander line—engineered, crafted, assembled and tested it—all within the walls of L.A. Turbine’s 90,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

“ARES AMB is the result of a great partnership between two companies who are flexible, knowledgeable and innovative. L.A. Turbine’s vertical integration resulted in an expedited R&D process and the delivery of a final product in record time,” said L.A. Turbine President, Danny Mascari. “We truly feel our ARES AMB Turboexpander-Compressor gives us a competitive advantage within the U.S. market. It is a natural choice for EPCs and operators looking to capitalize on the current and future growth of the U.S. gas processing industry. It’s a quick-to-market, financially beneficial and leading-edge technology that is adaptable based on market economics–an all-in-one turboexpander solution made in the U.S.A.”

“Collaboration with customers is at the center of our magnetic bearing solutions,” commented Marcell Ulrichs, President of Dover Precision Components, the parent company of Waukesha Magnetic Bearings. “We are proud to bring our team’s expertise and development capabilities to our partnership with L.A. Turbine. Together, we have provided an innovative technology solution that gives gas processing plants multiple advantages.”

Dover Precision Components Supplies Reliability and Efficiency

To leverage their collective strength and heritage, Cook Compression, Inpro/Seal, Waukesha Bearings and Bearings Plus have formed the newly named Dover Precision Components operating company. As the umbrella for these key brands, Dover Precision Components is an integrated provider of performance-critical solutions for rotating and reciprocating machinery and features a diverse portfolio of products and services.

Here is a closer look at the brands that form Dover Precision Components: Cook Compression delivers custom-engineered valves, sealing technologies, pistons and rods, as well as expert repair and reconditioning services and advanced technical support, for reciprocating compressors. Inpro/Seal, the inventor of the Bearing Isolator, designs and manufactures bearing protection and shaft seals to increase the reliability of rotating equipment. Waukesha Bearings is a global leader in engineered hydrodynamic fluid film bearings and brush seals for high-performing turbomachinery and, under the Waukesha Magnetic Bearings brand, produces the most robust active magnetic bearing systems available. Bearings Plus specializes in the repair, replacement and upgrade of fluid film bearings and seals to get turbomachinery back up and running, better than before.

The brands were originally brought together in November 2015 to broaden product offerings, expand global resources and apply operational efficiencies to better serve customers in the energy and industrial markets. Since then, synergies between the brands have extended engineering and materials expertise, opened new avenues for innovation, promoted best practices in manufacturing, and advanced quality and continuous improvement efforts.

“The introduction of the Dover Precision Components name supports our strategic partnerships with OEMs and end users and will improve the visibility of our broad capabilities to improve performance of rotating and reciprocating assets,” commented Dover Precision Components President Marcell Ulrichs. “The name will also provide a common identity for our customers and employees across the globe.”

Headquartered in Houston, Dover Precision Components maintains facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It has more than 1,400 employees worldwide.

“We take great pride in the legacies of our brands,” said Ulrichs, “and we aim to further strengthen those brands under the umbrella of Dover Precision Components.”

About Dover Precision Components
Dover Precision Components delivers performance-critical solutions for rotating and reciprocating machinery across the oil & gas, power generation, marine, industrial, chemical and general processing markets. Comprising the Waukesha Bearings, Bearings Plus, Inpro/Seal and Cook Compression brands, our portfolio includes hydrodynamic bearings, active magnetic bearings, system and bearing protection, and reciprocating compressor valves, sealing technologies, pistons, rods and more. Each solution is custom-engineered to provide optimum efficiency, reliability and productivity, and backed by comprehensive aftermarket services. Dover Precision Components serves its global customer base through facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, as well as technical sales representatives around the world. Dover Precision Components is part of Dover Corporation’s Fluids segment.

Waukesha Bearings Patents Trailing Edge Cooling

Waukesha Bearings, a global leader in the design and manufacture of engineered hydrodynamic bearings, has secured a patent for its innovative trailing edge cooling technology. Trailing edge cooling increases heat transfer in tilting pad bearings to expand bearing operating limits. The design features grooves in the trailing edge face of the tilting pad and a spray bar adjacent to the trailing edge to deliver cooling flow.

The grooves in the trailing edge face increase the surface area and allow the lubricant to penetrate deeper into the pad for greater cooling effect. The flow supplied to the trailing edge is a portion of the flow already being supplied to lubricate the bearing for hydrodynamic operation.

The inventors on the patent, US 9,534,637 B2, are Richard Livermore-Hardy, Engineering Manager, Europe, and Barry Blair, Chief Engineer. Livermore-Hardy is based out of the Waukesha Bearings office in Rickmansworth, UK; Blair is based out of the company’s Pewaukee, WI, USA, office.

“The development of trailing edge cooling is rooted in the specific need of our customers to address high bearing temperatures, which can limit the operational range of a bearing,” said Marcell Ulrichs, President of the company. “This patent is representative of our commitment to combine innovation and engineering to create a best-in-class bearing solution.”

One of the leading applications of trailing edge cooling technology is on the Waukesha Bearings Maxalign® tilt pad radial bearing. Optimized for performance in large rotating equipment, Maxalign bearings offer reduced oil flow and power loss to improve machine efficiency; a pivot design highly adaptable to shaft misalignment; and an industry leading hydrostatic lift design in the lower pads that produces a reliable shaft lift whilst limiting the temperature increase that the hydrostatic lift feature can induce once the machine has reached full speed. The application of trailing edge cooling in the Maxalign design further lowers bearing temperatures, permitting operating speeds and loads in excess of 100 m/s and 3 MPa, without compromising bearing life or safety margin.

Read more about the Maxalign tilt pad radial bearing

Trailing edge cooling is not limited to the Maxalign bearing design. Any radial or thrust bearing operating under higher speeds and loads than typically allowed would benefit from trailing edge cooling. Contact Waukesha Bearings to learn how trailing edge cooling technology could benefit your application.

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings to Present at MaintCon 2014 in Bahrain

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings, an industry leader in custom-engineered magnetic bearing systems for large turbomachinery and high-performing rotating equipment, is proud to announce that Chief Engineer Richard R. Shultz will be delivering a presentation at the third biennial Middle East Maintenance Conference & Exhibition (MaintCon), Dec. 7-10, 2014, in Bahrain. The presentation, which is co-authored by Mamdouh B. Al-Aidarous, Saudi Aramco, PE Mechanical, with Rotating Equipment & Dynamic Analysis (REDA), will focus on Bearing System Reliability and Availability, including consideration of a magnetic bearing system for an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) motor compressor.

“MaintCon 2014 in Bahrain is a tremendous opportunity to discuss the newest technologies from around the globe, and we are excited that Richard Shultz will be sharing the unique benefits of magnetic bearing systems with attendees this year,” said Jay A. Burnette, President of Waukesha Bearings Corporation™.

Shultz’s presentation will examine the design of canned magnetic bearings in a hermetically sealed motor compressor. The canning, a highly corrosion-resistant metallic lining, allows the bearings to operate directly immersed in the process gas. With the elimination of the need for shaft seals, the system’s reliability is increased, and no maintenance is required for the magnetic bearings. Specific attention will be paid to the benefits of the condition monitoring capabilities within the magnetic bearing system.

View more information about Waukesha Magnetic Bearings

Shultz is the Chief Engineer for bearing systems at Waukesha Magnetic Bearings. He has 20 years of industrial experience designing magnetic bearing systems and auxiliary bearing systems, specializing in rotordynamics and control system design. He has recently instructed at the Magnetic Bearing Short Course at Texas A&M University’s Turbomachinery Symposium and the Middle East Turbomachinery Symposium in Qatar.

In conjunction with the presentation, all of Waukesha Bearings Corporation’s operating companies, including Waukesha Magnetic Bearings, Waukesha Bearings®, Inpro/Seal® and BearingsPlus™, will be exhibiting at the event with local partner Eastern MSAR at booth B06 and B08. Attendees are invited to talk with representatives about all the Waukesha product lines, including hydrodynamic bearings, magnetic bearings, brush seals and engineered sealing solutions.

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