Suzhou, China manufacturing facility grand opening

Grand Opening in Suzhou, China

As the global market continues to expand, Waukesha Bearings Corporation is prepared to meet the needs of customers around the world by providing local support where it’s most in demand. With 15 years of sales presence in China, coupled with global expansion initiatives, the manufacturing plant in Suzhou, China opened on October 24, 2012.

This allows continued operation within the customer’s space and time, proving continual commitment and responsiveness to Chinese customers.

At the grand opening of Waukesha Bearings’ new manufacturing plant in Suzhou, China, in October 2012, there was a buzz of excitement as customers and strategic partners made their way through the plant to listen to president of the company, Jay Burnette, deliver his opening ceremony speech.

“At Waukesha Bearings, we are absolutely determined to achieve global market leadership by building our capabilities and penetrating new markets,” he said.

“Our goal is to be the clear choice of customers around the world, by leading in technology and delivering superior products and services – and doing so faster than the competition.”

With robust processes and state-of-the-art machine tools in place, capable of producing some of the most technically advanced products designed in its global portfolio, Waukesha Bearings assures the highest quality in every aspect of business.

A full range of Waukesha Bearings products, including tilting pad thrust bearings, larger optimized journal bearings, Flexure Pivot bearings, and integral squeeze film dampers, will be manufactured at the new Suzhou facility. Operations are expected to continue to expand over time, bringing additional product lines to market along with local support to other areas within the region.

Suzhou, China manufacturing facility grand opening
Oct 24, 2012 | Press Release