Vertical Assemblies

Custom Solutions

With more than 40 years of proven service, Waukesha Bearings vertical assemblies are available in a wide range of sizes and include a variety of innovative design options, including various cooling arrangements, electrical insulation, hydrostatic lift provisions and instrumentation.

Proven designs range from large combination thrust and journal bearings for motor-driven reactor coolant pumps used in nuclear power stations, to small, self-contained air-cooled units for LNG pumps.

Whatever the application, Waukesha Bearings customizes the solution for optimum performance.

Exploded view of vertical bearing assembly for large vertical pump
Large vertical bearing assembly
Exploded view of self-contained vertical bearing assembly

Typical Applications

Tilt Pad Journal Bearings

Waukesha Bearings custom engineers each tilt pad journal bearing to not only handle the required loads but also provide optimum static and dynamic performance.

Pad arc, pivot offset, bearing clearance, length of the bearing, and preload are each carefully considered, as they can affect such factors as power loss, temperature and dynamic performance.

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Tilt Pad Thrust Bearings

Waukesha Bearings tilt pad thrust bearings, available with or without equalizing links, are designed to transfer high axial loads from rotating shafts with minimum power loss. Pads can be supplied with center pivots for bi-directional running or offset pivots for increased load capacity and lower pad temperatures.

Patented design features allow for optimized performance in a variety of applications.

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