Magnetic Bearings

Superior Performance

For more than three decades, Waukesha Magnetic Bearings has applied proven magnetic bearing technology to advance the performance of rotating equipment. We lead the industry in custom-engineered active magnetic bearing (AMB) systems for large turbomachinery and high-performing rotating equipment.

Our robust AMB systems have achieved 99.9% availability without special redundancy provisions, making them the standard for mission-critical applications. We leverage the intelligence of magnetic bearing systems and the remote connectivity capabilities of our third generation controllers to allow for machine commissioning, diagnostics and adjustment on-demand from a remote location.

Compressor magnetic bearing - radial bearing

Serving Demanding, Remote Locations

The high reliability and availability of Waukesha AMBs, combined with the capability for remote support, make our systems particularly suitable for remote, unmanned locations.

In addition, the elimination of the oil system inherent in the AMB design offers environmental benefits and reduces the overall footprint of equipment.

Common applications include onshore, offshore and subsea oil & gas operations; petrochemical processes; nuclear power generation; as well as renewable and developing technologies.

Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Advanced AMB technologies eliminate auxiliary equipment, lower energy consumption, minimize maintenance, and maximize reliability, providing cost savings throughout the life-cycle of your machinery.

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Active magnetic bearing radial bearing


Magnetic bearing hardware typically includes active magnetic axial and radial bearings, auxiliary bearings, and position sensors. Depending on the corrosivity of the process fluid environment, Waukesha Magnetics Bearings can provide sealed or canned magnetic bearings.
Zephyr AMB controller


Complex control algorithms provide optimized system performance and efficiency, and remote connectivity capabilities integrated into our advanced digital controllers allow for remote commissioning, monitoring, diagnostics and adjustment.
Automated commissioning for active magnetic bearing systems


Our unique system support reduces operating expenses and logistical headaches. While the conventional approach to commissioning and maintenance requires onsite support, Waukesha facilitates these remotely and trains customers to perform many routine functions.

How Magnetic Bearings Work

A magnetic bearing uses electromagnetic forces to maintain relative position of a rotating assembly (rotor) to a stationary component (stator). An advanced electronic control system adjusts these electromagnetic forces in response to forces generated from machine operation.

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Model of active magnetic bearing (AMB) hardware

Related Case Studies

Groningen natural gas field

Over 99.9% Availability in Gas Gathering

Seventeen years and 20 installations later, Waukesha Magnetic Bearings has played a critical role in extending the life of Groningen, Europe’s largest natural gas field. Our AMB system has provided over 99.9% availability and an investment cost savings of 3%, while reducing energy costs.
Gazprom pipeline compressor with active magnetic bearings

Exceeding 95% Availability in Pipeline

After bitter experience with other compressor stations in frigid locations, Gazprom sought ways to improve compressor operations. Our robust AMB systems were able to increase reliability and availability, as well as improve integration with the compressor station.
Canned magnetic bearing for hermetically sealed integral motor compressor

Canned Magnetic Bearings Achieve 99.9% Availability & Zero Emissions

In 2002, a leading oil & gas customer approached Waukesha with the challenge of developing a bearing for a hermetically sealed integral motor compressor. Availability and reliability were the customer’s primary objectives, and the end user could achieve a significant cap-ex savings if the motor compressor could be located outdoors.
Lukoil compressor station in west Siberia

Improved Reliability & Lower Total Cost of Ownership with Magnetic Bearings

At a compression station in West Siberia, a refrigeration process applied to the gas at the plant outlet created a requirement for a high efficiency compressor. The industry-leading processing power and advanced control algorithms used by Waukesha AMB controllers were required for the successful operation of these machines.
Zephyr AMB controller interior

Waukesha Bearings Advantage

  • Broad reference list of field-proven systems
  • Energy efficient, robust technology with demonstrated availability of 99.9%
  • Sophisticated controller functionality for high stability and synchronous control
  • AMB controller power rating four times more powerful than the competition
  • Skid-mounted AMB controller, certified for hazardous areas
  • Leading auxiliary bearing technology for superior investment protection
  • Superior service, support and training
  • Equip customers to take control of maintenance and commissioning
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

Typical Applications

Oil & gas production compressor