Case Studies

Flexure Pivot tilt pad journal bearing with ISFD technology

Optimized Bearings and Dampers Provide Long-term Solution to Vibrations

Over a 13-year span, a major South American oil company’s maintenance department fought recurring high vibrations in three gas reinjection compressor trains. A thorough analysis of the compressors and an inspection of damaged components pointed to a two-part solution: Flexure Pivot® tilt pad journal bearings and ISFD® technology, an integral squeeze film damper.
Steam turbine for power generation

ISFD Technology Eliminates Subsynchronous Vibrations

For a power generation customer in Scandinavia, Doosan Škoda Power engineered a 46 MW steam turbine as part of a combined cycle system. When high subsynchronous vibrations forced a trip in turbine operation at just 27 MW versus the rated 46 MW, the ISFD® design provided rotordynamic stability needed to achieve full power output.
Alstom Power turbogenerator equipped with Maxalign bearings

Maxalign Bearings Reduce Spiral Vibration on Turbo-generators

When Alstom Power identified a phenomenon of spiral vibration close to the trip level on a 450 MVa hydrogen-cooled generator, our proprietary predictive tools and extensive industry experience on equipment of this size made Waukesha Bearings the clear choice to design and manufacture a drop-in bearing replacement.
Groningen natural gas field

Groningen – 17 Years and 20 Installations Later

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings has played a critical role in extending the life of Groningen, Europe’s largest natural gas field. Our active magnetic bearing (AMB) system, built into the compressors and the motors, has provided over 99.9% availability and has reduced energy costs.
Outdoor installation of canned active magnetic bearings for hermetically sealed integral motor compressor

Canned Magnetic Bearings Achieve 99.9% Availability & Zero Emissions

In 2002, a leading oil & gas customer approached Waukesha with the challenge of developing a bearing for a hermetically sealed integral motor compressor. Availability and reliability were the customer’s primary objectives. The end user could achieve a significant cap-ex savings in the installation if the motor compressor could be located outdoors, with no building or enclosure required.
Lukoil compressor station in west Siberia

Improved Reliability and Lower Total Cost of Ownership with Magnetic Bearings

At a compression station in West Siberia, a refrigeration process applied to the gas at the plant outlet created a requirement for a highly efficient compressor. That efficiency was achieved with a compressor rotor shaft with a high slenderness ratio, resulting in a very flexible shaft. The industry-leading processing power and advanced control algorithms of Waukesha magnetic bearing controllers were required for the successful operation of these machines.
Gazprom pipeline compressor with active magnetic bearings

Magnetic Bearings Exceed 95% Availability in Pipeline

After bitter experience with other compressor stations in frigid locations, Gazprom sought ways to improve compressor operations. Our robust AMB systems were able to increase reliability and availability, as well as improve integration with the compressor station.