Extending Life

Waukesha Bearings is preventing turbocharger failures and extending equipment life by bringing advanced products and engineering expertise to its partnerships with OEMs.

With a thorough analysis of a turbocharger’s rotordynamics, Waukesha Bearings journal bearing technologies can provide the necessary performance for long life with low vibrations.

MLSF bearings for turbocharger applications

MLSF Bearings

MLSF bearings in operation exceed 30,000 hours each and counting, surpassing competitor bearings lasting only 500 hours in the same application.

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MLSF bearings for turbocharger applications
MLSF journal bearing with Flexure Pivot tilt pad technology

Flexure Pivot Technology

The integral pad-pivot-retainer design eliminates most manufacturing tolerance stack-up, having a direct impact on the rotor’s stability, critical speed, and synchronous response characteristics.

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