Enabling the Energy Transition

As the world evolves toward cleaner, sustainable energy solutions, Waukesha Bearings is positioned to support rotating equipment OEMs with innovative technologies that advance and optimize equipment performance. We combine extensive experience and engineering expertise with continual investment in research, testing, and materials development to enable the transition to lower-carbon energy alternatives.

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To remain competitive, wind turbine operators must find ways to optimize equipment performance, increase reliability, and reduce maintenance costs. Waukesha Bearings collaborates with equipment OEMs and leverages world-class material development, testing, and manufacturing capabilities to design wind main shaft bearing solutions that improve reliability.

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After decades of conversation around hydrogen as a fuel, governments, stakeholders, and everyday people are driving the conversation into action. Companies will need innovative partners to help optimize rotating equipment for efficiency and profitability to scale up the hydrogen economy. Waukesha Bearings has a history of partnering with OEMs and end users to solve their toughest engineering and operational challenges, and we draw upon this experience to enable the hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen Solutions

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Value Chain Solutions

As part of Dover Precision Components, Waukesha Bearings benefits from ongoing investment in product development and, through its sister brands, can offer additional industry knowledge and critical components for rotating and reciprocating equipment.

For more than a century, Cook Compression has developed innovative technologies to move the compression industry forward. They are leveraging that expertise and commitment to lead the development of solutions to reduce emissions and enable the hydrogen transition.

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