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Delivering Success to the Energy Transition

Waukesha Bearings combines extensive experience and engineering expertise with significant investment in research, testing and materials development to deliver success to low-carbon energy alternatives.

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Innovative Technologies to Help Power the Future

Waukesha Bearings and the Dover Precision Components Innovation Lab are developing new technologies that enable equipment to operate beyond known application limits and overcome the challenges of transitioning to hydrogen energy.

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Combination tilt pad babbitt bearing featuring CuCr backed thrust pads and hydrostatic lift

Fluid Film Bearings

Active magnetic bearing radial bearing

Active Magnetic Bearings

Steam turbine brush seal

Brush Seals

Rotordynamic Analysis

Waukesha Bearings offers unmatched analytical capabilities for customers seeking to improve the reliability and efficiency of rotating equipment. Through rotor modeling, thorough evaluation of operating conditions and the application of proprietary solutions and proven design codes, our engineers can enhance the rotordynamic characteristics of your system.

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Waukesha Bearings customizes each solution to specific application requirements. Our expertise includes compressors, turbines, pumps, motors, generators, gearboxes, turbochargers, turboexpanders and more.

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Our extensive range of bearing technologies meets the complex, evolving demands of the oil & gas, power generation, marine and industrial markets

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About Waukesha Bearings

Our engineering expertise has earned Waukesha Bearings a strong reputation for achieving lasting performance when others cannot. Through ongoing research and development, we continue to expand bearing capabilities and improve performance.

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Expand your understanding of bearing technology in our library of technical papers, product literature and case studies. We also offer a Bearing Damage Index covering common types of damage and possible remedies.

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