Dover Precision Components Aims to Leverage Collective Expertise

Dover Precision Components, a provider of performance-critical solutions for rotating and reciprocating machinery, has united the Cook Compression, Inpro/Seal, and Waukesha Bearings brands under one operating company. These [...]

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Efficient Balancing of Active Magnetic Bearing-Supported Rotors

Shafts of high-performing rotating equipment experience a certain mass unbalance distribution resulting from manufacturing tolerances, component assembly and material nonhomogeneities. The residual unbalance generates uneven forces on the rotor as [...]

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New Bearing Designs Meet Demands for Extended Pump Operating Life

By Barry Blair, Chief Engineer, Waukesha Bearings Published in Modern Pumping Today, February 2015 The pump industry, like many others in today’s economic landscape, is striving to extend equipment operating life [...]

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Advanced Bearing Technology Eliminates Subsynchronous Steam Turbine Vibrations

By Jong Kim, Waukesha Bearings Published in POWER magazine, March 2015 For one of its power generation customers in Scandinavia, Doosan Škoda Power engineered a 46 MW steam turbine as [...]

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