Take Control of Commissioning

With Automated Commissioning, Waukesha Magnetic Bearings puts the power of commissioning in the hands of its customers.

Commissioning is traditionally done by the magnetic bearing supplier, but with Automated Commissioning the OEM or end user can commission their own solution, giving them full capability on the equipment they operate.

Automated Scripts

Automated Commissioning is a toolkit of automated scripts running on an external computer and communicating with the AMB controller via a standard Internet protocol. The process replicates the knowledge of a skilled commissioning engineer and speeds up commissioning with a consistent, repeatable process.

The software automatically checks the build of the machine, with sensors and amplifiers checked for the expected functionality when the rotor position is manipulated by applying power to the magnets.

The use of a machine-specific configuration file means the check is repeatable and customized, thereby ensuring correct settings and targets. The software setup can proceed with minimal supervision and offer the results in an automatically generated report.

The script also ensures that all relevant measurements are taken and archived. It sets up and collects results from the controller spectrum and transfer function facility without the user needing to save files through the browser interface. The combination of tuning script and controller capability removes the need for dynamic signal analysis equipment.

Training programs prepare customer commissioning engineers, and remote support from AMB specialists is available if needed.

Total Cost of Ownership

Automated Commissioning speeds up commissioning, provides automatic checks after maintenance, generates performance insights from commissioning records, and overall, provides the customer with cost savings.

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Advantages for OEMs

  • Ability to commission independently
  • Ability to maintain independently
  • Faster commissioning on first of class
  • Rapid commissioning for repeat units
  • Options for remote support by AMB specialists
  • Automated commissioning record
  • Consistent commissioning process
  • Consistent tuning for repeat units
  • Reduces need for AMB specialists

Advantages for End Users

  • Automatic checks after maintenance – independent of suppliers, meaning reduced downtime
  • Faster commissioning for reduced site time and cost
  • Automated commissioning records for rapid identification of machine performance degradation
  • Consistent tuning for repeat units
  • Reduced need for dedicated, specialized support
  • Options for remote support by AMB specialists
  • Simplified process for matching the OEM factory build

Integration with AMB Controllers

Automated Commissioning is available on Waukesha Magnetic Bearings digital controllers. Older NGC controllers are upgradeable on a case by case basis.

Digital Magnetic Bearing Controllers