Elephanta Controller

The Most Powerful in the Industry

The Elephanta® digital controller is the most powerful magnetic bearing controller in the industry and the basis for the largest, most critical turbomachinery applications, including subsea.

Recommended for machinery in the power range of 15 MW to 80 MW, the Elephanta controller offers 4-, 5-, 6- or 7-axis control configuration. The controller provides high processing performance, automated commissioning and tuning, built-in condition monitoring and remote adjustment capabilities.

The integrity of the functional testing, verification and development of new features for the controller, performed on the world’s largest super-critical test rig, is far superior to simulation testing methods used by others.

Elephanta AMB controller
Elelphanta AMB controller


Elephanta Controller Features


  • 5-axis control (option for 4-, 6-, or 7-axis control)


  • Door-mounted operator panel
  • Hardwired discrete DCS interface
  • Analogue diagnostic outputs
  • PROFIBUS DP slave*
  • MODBUS RTU or TCP slave*
  • SOAP slave*

Control Law Capability

  • SISO/MIMO controller with tracking filters
  • Multi-coordinate control (MCC)
  • Automatic balancing algorithm (ABA)
  • Runout compensation
  • Synchronous open loop feed forward
  • Advanced amplifier algorithm (for canned bearings, software flux feedback)

Sensor Support

  • Magnetic displacement
  • Inductive, eddy current
  • Capacitive
  • Dual position sensor ring option
  • Redundancy
  • Flux feedback

Diagnostic Capabilities

  • Web server interface
  • High speed capture buffer
  • Trend logging
  • Event logging
  • Automatic clearance check
  • Integrated transfer function measurement
  • Integrated spectra capability
  • Integrated harmonic capture
  • 3rd level trip
  • Built-in tools show compliance with ISO sensitivity performance criteria


  • Support for purge protected bearings

* Available as an option


  • CE
  • CB

Typical Applications