Chinook Controller

High-Power Digital Controller

Available as a single- or dual-bay cabinet, the Chinook® controller is a high-power digital magnetic bearing control system recommended for rotating machinery in the power range 10 MW to 25 MW.

The controller provides simple and fail-safe integration of the control cabinet with the machine station via digital output/input, and its high processing performance allows for complex algorithms that provide high dynamic efficiency and noise immunity.

The controller also offers an automated commissioning and tuning process, built-in condition monitoring and remote adjustment capabilities.

Chinook single-bay AMB controller cabinet
Chinook dual-bay AMB controller cabinet


Chinook Controller Features


  • 5-axis control (option for 4-axis control)


  • Door-mounted operator panel
  • Hardwired discrete DCS interface
  • Analogue diagnostic outputs
  • PROFIBUS DP slave*
  • MODBUS RTU or TCP slave*
  • SOAP slave*

Control Law Capability

  • SISO/MIMO controller with tracking filters
  • Multi-coordinate control (MCC)
  • Automatic balancing algorithm (ABA)
  • Runout compensation
  • Synchronous open loop feed forward
  • Advanced amplifier algorithm (for canned bearings, software flux feedback)

Sensor Support

  • Magnetic displacement
  • Inductive, eddy current
  • Capacitive
  • Dual position sensor ring option
  • Redundancy
  • Flux feedback

Diagnostic Capabilities

  • Web server interface
  • High speed capture buffer
  • Trend logging
  • Event logging
  • Automatic clearance check
  • Integrated transfer function measurement
  • Integrated spectra capability
  • Integrated harmonic capture
  • 3rd level trip
  • Built-in tools show compliance with ISO sensitivity performance criteria


  • Support for purge protected bearings

* Available as an option


  • CE
  • CB
  • TR-CU

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Magnetic Bearings Exceed 95% Availability in Pipeline

After bitter experience with other compressor stations in frigid locations, Gazprom sought ways to improve compressor operations. Our robust AMB systems, utilizing a dual-bay Chinook controller, were able to increase reliability and availability, as well as improve integration with the compressor station.

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Gazprom pipeline compressor with active magnetic bearings

Typical Applications

  • High-temperature gas-cooled reactor (helium use)
  • Natural gas pipeline compressors
  • Energy recovery flywheel
  • Loop layer machine
  • Sour gas with canned or sealed bearings