An Introduction to Fluid Film Bearing Materials

The selection of the bearing materials plays a significant role in the performance of fluid film bearings. Load, speed, operating temperature, insulation requirements, and lubricant type and cleanliness may all play into the material choice.

Continuing materials development has expanded the ability of fluid film bearings to meet stringent application goals, whether increased load capacity, reduced power loss, operation in process fluids, the ability to handle contaminants, or others. In turbomachinery, fluid film bearing material options now include:

  • Babbitt (whitemetal)
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum tin
  • Engineered polymers
  • Ceramics and cermets
  • Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)

Download our “Introduction to Fluid Film Bearing Materials” white paper, authored by members of the Waukesha Bearings R&D team, for an overview of these materials’ characteristics, benefits and limitations in fluid film bearing use.

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