Fixed Profile Thrust Bearings

Simple or Compound Taper Designs

For applications with low thrust loads, limited space and negligible misalignment, Waukesha Bearings designs and supplies thrust plates with simple or compound taper land faces.

A simple taper design, incorporating a straight tapered region on the thrust surface, provides more load capacity than a smooth thrust surface. A compound taper design has taper in more than one direction and offers a higher load capacity than the simple taper design.

Depending on size and predicted bearing temperatures under the designed load and oil viscosity, thrust plate bearing materials can include babbitt, copper, bronze and polymer.

Tilt pad journal bearing with fixed profile thrust bearing
Flexure Pivot tilt pad thrust bearing with copper pads

Tilt Pad Bearing in the Space of a Thrust Face

Flexure Pivot® thrust bearings offer a compact tilt pad design that can be fit in small envelopes where only taper land or thrust plates would typically fit, allowing load capacity upgrades without increasing the bearing envelope.

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