Robust Magnetic Bearings

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings collaborates closely with customers on the design and development of turbomachinery to ensure that bearing performance is optimized to the application. Our robust bearing designs have provided high reliability over a wide range of sizes, pressures, loads, temperatures and operating environments.

Our sealed magnetic bearings can be immersed in mildly corrosive process fluid environments, while our industry-leading canned magnetic bearings are designed for immersion in the most extreme corrosive and abrasive environments.

Robust Magnetic Bearings

Hardware Components

AMB system hardware typically includes radial bearings, axial bearings, position sensors and auxiliary bearings.

radial magnetic bearing

Radial Magnetic Bearing

The radial magnetic bearing positions the rotor using four electromagnets, each comprised of a stator component and a rotor component. The stator component is bolted to the machine housing while the rotor component is a sleeve fitted to the shaft.

Opposite electromagnets are adjusted to pull against one another. When an external force causes the rotor to change position, the movement is identified by position sensors. The electronic control system responds by adjusting the current flowing through the respective electromagnets – returning the rotor to its original position.

axial AMB stator

Axial Magnetic Bearing

The axial magnetic bearing positions a rotor axially using electromagnetic forces pulling in opposition on the collar. The bearing collar is a flat, solid, ferromagnetic disc secured to the rotor.

Disc-shaped electromagnets are situated on either side of the collar and bolted to the machine housing, forming the active and inactive axial bearing.

RDS auxiliary bearing

Auxiliary Bearing

Auxiliary bearings support the rotor when the machine is stationary, accommodate overloads, and support the rotor in the event of system fault. Our auxiliary bearing options include stator-mounted ball bearings, rotor-mounted ball bearings, and bushing type bearings, all backed by a full-speed landing test.

The bushing type bearings – our specialized RDS® auxiliary bearings – offer unmatched investment protection with reliable condition monitoring and lower sensitivity to contaminants.

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magnetic bearing position sensor

Position Sensors

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings position sensors provide instantaneous feedback of radial and axial rotor position to the electronic control system. Depending on system performance requirements, inductive, eddy current, capacitive or magnetic position-sensing technologies may be employed.

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Sealed Magnetic Bearings

Sealed bearings are designed to be immersed in a process fluid environment and are ideal for mildly corrosive environments and applications requiring high reliability and availability.

Rotor and stator laminations are made of corrosion resistant alloys or more conventional alloys protected with specialized coatings.

The sealed magnetic bearing stators and sensors have all windings, conductors and connections encapsulated for protection against liquid content. Liquid-resistant auxiliary bearings are available with these systems.

sealed magnetic bearing
Canned magnetic bearing

Canned Magnetic Bearings

Canned magnetic bearings are designed to be immersed in the process fluid of the most extreme corrosive and abrasive environments. For compressor applications where the gas is contaminated with H2S, chlorides, sand, condensate and other liquids, canned magnetic bearings are the only option.

Canned bearing technology is also applied to pumps, steam turbines and other applications where the bearings are continuously or intermittently immersed in high-pressure, corrosive liquid environments.

The canned magnetic bearing system includes canned stators and sensors, as well as corrosion-resistant rotor laminations, thrust collars and auxiliary bearings. Canned stators are integrated into completely seal-welded housings without the need for elastomeric elements.

Auxiliary bearings for canned magnetic bearing applications are constructed of corrosion-resistant alloys and materials to complete the bearing system – ready for service in the most extreme corrosive environments.

Magnetic Bearing Controllers

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings controllers employ complex control algorithms for optimized system performance and efficiency. In addition, remote connectivity capabilities allow for remote commissioning, monitoring, diagnostics and adjustment.

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Support and Service

While the conventional approach to commissioning and maintenance requires onsite support, Waukesha facilitates these remotely and trains customers to perform many routine functions. Waukesha can also perform AMB system upgrades to extend plant operating life and improve reliability and efficiency.

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