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Magnetic Bearing Systems

Q: What is a magnetic bearing?

A: A magnetic bearing is an electromagnetic device used to maintain the relative position of a rotating assembly (rotor) to a stationary component (stator). Using an advanced electronic control... Read More

Q: What is a magnetic bearing system designed for?

A: Magnetic bearing systems are designed for high-performing rotating equipment and would take the place of a hydrodynamic fluid film bearing system. Some of the reasons to select a magnetic bearing... Read More

Q: What is a Rotor Delevitation System?

A: The Rotor Delevitation System® (RDS®) is an advanced auxiliary bearing design. The RDS is comprised of a dry lubricated bushing mounted in a stator component and a special rotor... Read More

Q: What is a Zephyr?

A: The Zephyr® is a powerful, compact, cost-effective magnetic bearing controller for turbomachinery and rotating equipment, recommended for machinery in the power range of 1 MW to 18 MW. The... Read More

Q: What is a Chinook?

A: The Chinook® is a high-power magnetic bearing control system from Waukesha Magnetic Bearings. Available as a single- or dual-bay cabinet, it provides simple and fail-safe integration... Read More

Q: What is an Elephanta?

A: The Elephanta® is the most powerful magnetic bearing controller in the industry and the basis for the largest, most critical turbomachinery applications,including subsea. Recommended for... Read More