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Power Generation

Power Generation

Electric power generation facilities face many challenges as they meet the demands of the industry. Facility operators are concerned with fuel costs, environmental impact, increased power density requirements and operational flexibility, all of which lead to challenges for rotor-bearing systems. Machine designers seek bearing solutions that surpass these challenges without sacrificing performance.

Waukesha Bearings hydrodynamic fluid film bearings and magnetic bearing systems can be found in a wide variety of fossil-fuel and nuclear applications – combustion turbines, steam turbines, reactor coolant pumps, boiler feedwater pumps, nuclear ancillary blowers, and turbo-generators, to name a few. 

Regardless of the application, Waukesha Bearings has the products, knowledge and engineering expertise to help customers in power generation increase performance, improve machine reliability and maximize profit.

Bearing Solutions

Waukesha Bearings solutions engineered for power generation applications include: