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Maxalign® Bearings

As rotating equipment has grown and efficiency requirements increased, the Maxalign bearing has answered the imperative for a bearing with greater capabilities for handling misalignment and reducing power loss.  

With 30+ years of proven experience and design flexibility on large rotating plant equipment, along with field experience at high loads and sliding speeds, Waukesha Bearings and the Maxalign design have become the clear choice of the industry. 


>> Read a case study on the success of Maxalign bearings in reducing spiral vibration.



Large Optimized Tilt Pad Journal Bearings

For large shaft sizes (300 mm [11.8"] and up) it is usually necessary to consider improved forms of pad pivot design to ensure high stiffness, combined with the ability to tilt and align. 

The Maxalign bearing features a specialized ball and socket pivot that provides high stiffness and is highly adaptable to shaft misalignment caused by mechanical loading or thermal effects in large rotating equipment. 

Meanwhile, 'Directed Lubrication' eliminates the need for seals, minimizing power loss and keeping pad temperatures low. 

Most recently, Waukesha Bearings has patented an innovative trailing edge cooling technology. When applied to a Maxalign bearing, this technology can lower bearing temperatures to permit operating speeds and loads in excess of 100 m/s and 3 MPa, without compromising bearing life or safety margin.


Design Expertise

Waukesha Bearings has extensive experience designing Maxalign bearings into new equipment as well as retrofitting into existing machines. The Waukesha Bearings design philosophy encompasses engineer to engineer relationships, advanced R&D, and an ability to anticipate future needs of the industry and our customers. 


Key Features


Key Benefits

  • Reduced oil flow and power loss to help improve machine efficiency
  • High stiffness 
  • Adapts to shaft misalignment
  • Verified performance and predictive capability



Ideally suited for:

  • Large frame gas turbines
  • Large frame steam turbines
  • Turbo-generators
  • Synchronous clutches