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Optimized Bearing Designs for Oil & Gas

Below is a partial selection of Waukesha Bearings designs optimized for applications in Oil & Gas. To discuss the needs of your application, please complete our contact form.

Combination bearing showing Directed Lubrication

'Directed Lubrication'

Increase load capacity and reduce power loss and pad temperatures at high speeds with 'Directed Lubrication'. 


Hidrax HT bearing for ESPs in SAGD

Advanced Materials

Ensure reliable operation under higher temperatures, higher loads and thinner films with polymer and ceramic bearing surfaces.

ISFD technology

Dynamic Stability

Control vibrations and shift critical speeds with the precise damping and stiffness of ISFD® technology.

Flexure Pivot journal bearing

Extended Bearing Life

Eliminate pivot wear and maintain tight tolerances with the integral-pad-pivot-retainer tilt pad design of the Flexure Pivot® bearing. 


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