ARES AMB Turboexpander from L.A. Turbine

Designed for Natural Gas Processing

The ARES AMB turboexpander-compressor, designed for natural gas processing plants ranging from 60 to 300 MMSCFD, employs active magnetic bearing (AMB) technology to achieve a small, modular footprint, remote AMB commissioning and monitoring, less ongoing maintenance, and greater performance flexibility than a traditional oil-lubricated bearing system.

Top view of the L.A. Turbine ARES AMB turboexpander-compressor footprint (Image courtesy of L.A. Turbine)

Industry-First Skid-Mounted AMB Controller

The skid-mounted AMB controller is certified for Class 1, Div 2 hazardous area installation through the UL Hazardous Area Panel Builder Program.

The on-skid design provides a condensed footprint and eliminates costly cabling materials, design and installation, while the advanced digital signal processors and control algorithms of the Zephyr® 5-axis controller allow secure remote connectivity for commissioning, monitoring and tuning.

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Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Advanced AMB technologies eliminate auxiliary equipment, lower energy consumption, minimize maintenance, and maximize reliability, providing cost savings throughout the life-cycle of your machinery.

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L.A. Turbine ARES AMB turboexpander-compressor with a look inside the skid-mounted magnetic bearing controller (Image courtesy of L.A. Turbine)