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Advanced Materials

For more than 30 years, Waukesha Bearings has led the design and development of ceramic and polymer bearing technology. These advanced materials extend the operating limits of both fixed profile and tilting pad bearings and allow lubrication by process fluids such as water and other low-viscosity fluids.

In addition to the traditional range of silicon carbide and polymer-lined thrust and journal bearings, Waukesha Bearings offers solid polymer technology, such as Hiperax® thrust bearings optimized for operation in water-lubricated applications.

The most recent addition to Waukesha's ceramic bearing offerings – the tungsten carbide Hidrax™ HT thrust bearing – allows electric submersible pumps (ESPs) to handle increasingly high temperatures.

Backed by a continued investment in research and development via dedicated test rigs, Waukesha's polymer and ceramic bearings are ideal for challenging environments such as ESPs or subsea pumping where equipment reliability and optimized performance are critical.

Advanced materials. Extended performance.


Features and Benefits

Waukesha Bearings’ bearing design experience combined with advanced materials expertise provides the foundation for some of our highest performing products.

  • High temperature capability – polymers up to 250°C (480°F) / ceramics up to 400°C (750°F)
  • Operation with thinner hydrodynamic films
  • Allows lubrication by a wide range of process fluids such as water, toluene, refrigerant and liquid oxygen
  • High abrasion resistant silicon carbide for protection against sand
  • Corrosion resistance to process fluids including H2S
  • Electrically insulating to protect against damaging currents
  • Bearing material options include polymer-lined, solid polymer or ceramic


Waukesha Bearings’ advanced material bearings extend the performance of a variety of oil-, water- and process-lubricated applications worldwide.

  • Oil-lubricated applications include:
  • Water- and process-lubricated applications include:
    • Pumps
    • Water-filled motors
    • Water-lubricated compressors
    • ORC turbines
    • Water injection pumps
    • Subsea pumping equipment