For High Loads, High Speeds, Small Diameters

Flexure Pivot® tilt pad journal bearings are a leading bearing solution for high-load, high-speed, small-diameter shafts. They achieve low cross-coupling and high stability while eliminating pivot wear, high contact stresses and pad flutter.

Less Tolerance Stack-up

The integral pad-pivot-retainer design of the Flexure Pivot bearing eliminates most manufacturing tolerance stack-up, a critical design parameter which has a direct impact on the rotor’s stability, critical speed, and synchronous response characteristics.

Elimination of Pivot Wear, Contact Stresses

The Flexure Pivot tilt pad design eliminates the pivot wear and brinelling associated with standard tilt pad bearings. This prevents degradation in performance with time, maintains the desired bearing preload, and provides a narrower spread in the stiffness and damping coefficients.

Elimination of Pad Flutter, Spragging

The rotational stiffness increases the pad natural frequency and eliminates pad flutter and spragging that can be encountered on the unloaded pads in standard tilt pad bearings.

Minimum Radial Play

The Flexure Pivot design provides a means to hold the shaft centered in the bearing at low speeds, thus minimizing the radial play which is critical in some high-speed high-performance turbomachinery.

Low-Profile Design

Flexure Pivot radial bearings can be manufactured with a very low profile, allowing upgrade of sleeve bearings with drop-in replacements that provide the performance benefits of tilt pad bearings.

The Flexure Pivot tilt pad design is also available in thrust bearings.

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Case Study

Long-term Solution to Vibrations

Over a 13-year span, a major South American oil company’s maintenance department fought recurring high vibrations in three gas reinjection compressor trains. A thorough analysis of the compressors and an inspection of damaged components led to a two-part solution.

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