Stability and Reliability

Waukesha Bearings provides uniquely engineered multi-lobe semi-floating bearings that improve stability and ensure long life and maximum reliability compared to conventional floating ring bearings.

Using proven technology, MLSF® bearings are designed to run at optimum temperatures with minimal vibrations, extending the life of the equipment and surrounding parts.

Long Life

MLSF bearings minimize vibrations, lessening the likelihood of early failure and extending mean time between repair (MTBR).

Bearings in operation have exceed 30,000 hours each, surpassing a competitive bearing in the same application lasting only 500 hours.

Minimal Downtime

A failed bearing can lead to equipment failure or downtime for a replacement bearing. A bearing system operating at an optimized temperature – cool enough to prevent coking yet hot enough to maintain optimum viscosity – solves the problem of failure, minimizing both downtime and power loss.

Reduced System Emissions

The MLSF design improves overall system efficiency and leads to reduced emissions (greenhouse gases), meeting industry demands.

Technical Data

  • Shaft sizes 13 mm (0.5″) and up
  • Bearing L/D as needed
  • Single bearings or cartridges
  • Typically high dynamic loading – 4.8 MPa (700 psi)
  • Temperatures up to 149°C (300°F), with higher temperature available
  • Lubrication with multi-viscosity oils
  • Various bronze grades available

MLSF Bearings with Flexure Pivot Tilt Pads

In addition to the primary fixed profile design, MLSF bearings are available with Flexure Pivot® tilt pad technology. The incorporation of the Flexure Pivot tilt pad further improves stability in the space of a fixed profile design.

Flexure Pivot Technology

Typical Applications

  • Smaller, high speed turbomachinery
  • Turbochargers in large diesel or natural gas engines