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Waukesha Bearings offers a wide variety of technical resources to enhance your fluid film and magnetic bearing knowledge.


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Magnetic Bearings
Present Limits of Operation of Product Lubricated and Magnetic Bearings in Pumps - English  
Magnetic Bearing Equipped Motor Drives - English  
Engineered Fluid Film Bearings
A Solution to Years of High Vibration Problems in Three Reinjection Compressor Trains Running at 33 MPa Discharge Pressure (Asia Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium, 2016) - English  
Experimental Performance Study of a High Speed Oil Lubricated Polymer Thrust Bearing (Lubricants 3.1 [2015]) - English  
Investigation and Analysis of High Thrust Bearing Temperature After Field Overhaul and Rerate of a Centrifugal Compressor (Turbomachinery Symposium, 2014) - English  
Hydrodynamic Bearing Damage and Remediation of Contributing Factors in Rotating Machinery (9th EDF/Pprime (LMS) Poitiers Workshop, 2010) - English  
An Experimental Study of Thrust Pad Flutter - English  
Bearing Oil Delivery by Disk-Scraper Means - English  
Bearings for Pumps - English  
Current Practice in Tilting Pad Bearing Use - English  
Designing a Plain Bearing - English  
Development of a High-Tin Aluminum Plain Bearing Material - English  
Experimental Comparison of Flooded, Directed and Inlet Orifice Type of Lubrication for a Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing - English  
Feed-Pressure Flow in Plain Journal Bearings - English  
Geometry Effects in Tilting-Pad Journal Bearings - English  
Influence of Oil Injection Method on Thrust Bearing Performance at Low Flow Conditions - English  
Interactive Analysis of Bearing Influenced Rotor Dynamics - English  
Journal Bearing Operation at Low Sommerfeld Numbers - English  
Materials for Plain Bearings - English  
Performance Characteristics of Two Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing Designs - English  
Performance Tests on Six-Inch Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings - English  
Plain Bearing Damage - English  
Plain Journal Bearings Under Steady Loads: Design Guidance for Safe Operation - English  
Recent Developments in High Speed Thrust & Journal Bearings - English  
Rotor Dynamics of Turbo-Machinery - English  
Self Contained Bearing Assemblies - English  
Stability of Profile Bore Bearings: Influence of Bearing Type Selection - English  
Temperature Measurements in Fluid Film Bearings - English  
The Effect of Manufacturing Tolerances on the Stability of Profile Bore Bearings - English  
The Institute of Marine Engineers: Modern Bearing Design and Practice - English  
The Use of Design Procedures for Plain Bearings - English  
Tilting Pad Bearings - Limits of Operation - English  
Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing Tests - Influence of Oil Flow Rate on Power Loss and Temperatures - English  
Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing Tests - Influence of Three Design Variables - English  
Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings: Factors Affecting Performance and Improvements with Directed Lubrication - English  
Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings: Rapid Design Aids - English  
Turbulent Journal Bearings: Design Charts for Performance Prediction - English