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Magnetic Bearing System Upgrades

Extend plant operating life and improve reliability and efficiency with an upgraded active magnetic bearing (AMB) system.

  • AMB controller upgrade: replace an existing controller with a newer model
  • Complete system upgrade: replace the AMB hardware and controller (existing rotating parts may be retained) 

An AMB upgrade can address:

  • Trips due to aerodynamic loading
  • Corrosion, erosion or fouling of AMB components from gas content issues
  • Rotordynamic stability problems manifesting as high vibration or subsynchronous vibration
  • AMB hardware and/or controller at the end of its service life

Upgrading to an advanced digital controller can:

  • Enhance control of the AMB hardware
  • Improve stability margins
  • Expand the machine operating envelope
  • Reduce the controller footprint in the electrical control room 
  • Provide better access for maintenance
  • Enhance logistics and redundancy with installed spares 


> Download the white paper on Qualified Active Magnetic Bearing Retrofits for Turbo-expanders.