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Industrial Markets

Industrial Markets

Waukesha Bearings custom engineers products to handle even the most extreme machinery requirements. Expert engineers carefully select bearing materials and mechanical design to achieve the desired performance and a long bearing life, which are critical for applications such as refrigerant and air compression, vehicle turbochargers, and power transmission.

Typical factors that affect material selection include load, speed, operating temperature, insulation requirements, and lubricant type and cleanliness. Depending on the requirements, material options include babbitt (whitemetal), bronze, aluminum tin, polymer, ceramic, cermet and diamond.

For mechanical design, engineers design bearings to the proper size to handle the required loads and minimize power loss. They also incorporate features to tune the bearing’s dynamic characteristics and control the dynamic performance of the equipment – to the point where the bearings can limit vibrations.

From high speeds and loads to the need for operational flexibility, Waukesha Bearings has the solution.

Bearing Solutions

Our fluid film bearing solutions for industrial applications include: