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Vertical Assemblies

With more than 40 years of proven service, Waukesha Bearings vertical self-contained (VSC) bearing assemblies provide reliable operation in vertical pumps and motors. Proven designs range from large bearing units for motor-driven reactor coolant pumps used in nuclear power stations, to water-cooled units for condensate extraction and cooling water pumps used in thermal power plants, to small air-cooled units for LNG pumps.

The water-cooled, combination thrust and journal bearing VSC design has now been updated to handle loads in a smaller footprint while maintaining acceptable safety margins. This compact design, available in 10 standard frame sizes, fits the industry’s most common equipment footprints and can accommodate design thrust loads up to 500 kN and rated speeds up to 3600 rpm.

Field-proven, equipped with Waukesha’s industry-leading thrust pad design, and engineered to customer specifications and performance parameters, Waukesha Bearings VSCs are designed to perform reliably over a wide range of operating conditions.


Features and Benefits

  • Customization to given application conditions
  • Center pivot pads for bi-directional shaft rotation
  • Temperature and vibration instrumentation available
  • External flange mounting for easy installation and maintenance

Waukesha Bearings engineers have many years of experience designing VSCs with specialized features such as:

  • Air, fan or forced lubrication cooling
  • Hydrostatic lift
  • Electrical insulation 
  • Corrosion resistant materials

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  • Vertical pumps, including:
    • Condensate extraction pumps
    • Cooling water pumps
    • Vertical turbine pumps
    • Wet/dry pit pumps
  • Motors
  • Generators