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Flexure Pivot® Tilt Pad Bearing Technology

Available in thrust and journal bearings


Flexure Pivot Journal (Radial) Bearings

Standard tilt pad journal bearings achieve low cross-coupling through a rocking or sliding motion. Flexure Pivot tilt pad radial bearings achieve the same low cross-coupling and high stability through flexure and rotation of the center post, while eliminating any pivot wear and high contact stress.

Minimizes Manufacturing Tolerance Stack-up

The integral pad-pivot-retainer design of the Flexure Pivot bearing eliminates most of the manufacturing tolerance stack-up. This feature is a critical design parameter which has a direct impact on the rotor’s stability, critical speed, and synchronous response characteristics.

Eliminates Pivot Wear and Contact Stresses

The Flexure Pivot tilt pad design eliminates the pivot wear and brinelling associated with standard tilt pad bearings. This prevents degradation in performance with time, maintains the desired bearing preload, and provides a narrower spread in the stiffness and damping coefficients.

Offers a Low Profile

Flexure Pivot radial bearings can be manufactured with a very low profile, allowing upgrade of sleeve bearings with drop-in replacements that provide the performance benefits of tilt pad bearings.  


Flexure Pivot Thrust Bearings

Standard tilt pad thrust bearings form a converging wedge through the rocking motion of the pad pivot support. Flexure Pivot tilt pad thrust bearings form a wedge through flexure of the post support, while eliminating pivot wear and high contact stresses.

Custom Design of the Flexure Pivot Post Support

The Flexure Pivot post support is designed to provide an optimum wedge ratio at design load conditions, resulting in an increase in the load capacity and a significant reduction in horsepower loss.

Retrofit in Small Envelopes

The Flexure Pivot thrust pad design permits retrofitting in a small envelope where only taper land or thrust plates would typically fit. This allows space saving and load capacity upgrades for existing thrust bearings.


Radial Bearing Features

  • Radial Flexure Pivot tilt padRequires small radial space
  • Eliminates pad flutter and spragging
  • Retro-fit small and miniature size bearings
  • Centering and minimum radial play capability

Thrust Bearing Features

  • Thrust Flexure Pivot tilt padCustom design of the Flexure Pivot post support
  • Retro-fit in small envelopes
  • Simple construction and manufacturing
  • Elimination of pad flutter
  • Easy implementation of hyrdostatic feature
  • Static and Dynamic misalignment capability
  • Lower lubricant flow requirements
  • No limit material selection