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Engineered Fluid Film Bearing Solutions

Fluid Film Bearings from Waukesha Bearings

Waukesha Bearings® is a world leader in innovative engineered fluid film bearing technology. Our engineers have the knowledge and application experience to design custom solutions for the most challenging turbomachinery. When there’s no room for error, and failure is not an option – the world’s leading OEMs turn to Waukesha Bearings.

As more demands are placed on your equipment, you need a partner with the right technology to support you. Waukesha Bearings is committed to ongoing technology leadership and is investing now to ensure we can deliver the solutions you need for the future.

Quality and experience you can trust.

  • Experience with challenging and mission critical applications
  • Unmatched engineering expertise and materials knowledge
  • Global reference list with leading OEMs
  • Patented and proprietary design features
  • Fluid film bearings designed and manufactured to extreme tolerances
  • Extensive testing and validation
  • Proprietary, field-proven prediction programs

Intro to Fluid Film Bearing Materials