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  • Reduce Leakage by Up to 80%

    Reduce Leakage by Up to 80%

    What makes an application a good candidate for brush seals? How are brush seals engineered?

    Find out in our new white paper.
  • Qualified AMB Retrofits for Turbo-expanders

    Qualified AMB Retrofits for Turbo-expanders

    For magnetic bearing upgrades, two scenarios are possible: a controller-only upgrade or an upgrade of the controller and AMB mechanical components. Waukesha Magnetic Bearings has qualified both in partnership with L.A. Turbine.

    Review the test results, and get tips on evaluating which option may be right for you.
  • ‘Directed Lubrication’

    ‘Directed Lubrication’

    Reduce power loss and bearing temperatures for increased load capacity and improved bearing performance.

    Explore this proven design from Waukesha Bearings.
  • Balancing AMB-Supported Rotors

    Balancing AMB-Supported Rotors

    Rotors supported by active magnetic bearings are subject to the same ISO and API balancing requirements as rotors supported by fluid film bearings. The balancing strategy, however, requires special considerations and provisions during the design phase.

    Plan ahead for efficient balancing of AMB-supported rotors.
  • Selecting the Right Bearing Materials

    Selecting the Right Bearing Materials

    Materials play a significant role in bearing performance, and continuing materials development has expanded the ability to meet stringent application goals, such as increased load capacity, reduced power loss, or operation in process fluids.

    Explore material options.


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