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This Cookie Notice (Notice) explains how Waukesha Bearings Corporation (Waukesha) uses cookies and other tracking technologies on and through our website

This Notice is to be read alongside the Waukesha Privacy Policy which explains how Waukesha uses personal information. If you do not accept our use of cookies please disable them following our guidance below.

1. What Are Web Cookies?

Web cookies are small files that are placed on your computer or mobile device by a website when you visit it. They contain details of your browsing history on that website and distinguish you from other users. Cookies send data back to the originating website on each subsequent visit or allow another website to recognise the cookie. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise a user’s device and, for instance, remember your preferences and generally improve your online user experience. Like most websites, Waukesha’s website uses cookies.

Although this Notice refers to the general term “cookie”, which is the main method used by our website to store information, the browser’s local storage space is also used for the same purpose and we may use other tracking technologies through this website such as web beacons, clear GIFs or pixel tags. We usually use such tracking technologies to count users who visit certain pages of our website and to deliver branded services as well as to help determine the effectiveness of promotional campaigns.

As a result, the information included in this Notice is likewise applicable to all such tracking technologies that we use.

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2. Why Do We Use Cookies?

  1. To let you do things on our website – for example, cookies enable you to fill in application forms or view content.
  2. To collect anonymous statistics – the information collected by cookies enables us to improve the website through use of figures and patterns. For example, it is really useful to see which pages of the website – and therefore which of our services – are the most popular and how users are interacting with them.
  3. To improve your experience of our website – for example, to prevent you having to re-enter details when you have already done so, or by ensuring that users can find what they are looking for easily.
  4. To ensure that our website is secure.

3. Website Cook Acceptance

By accepting our cookie notification when you visit the website you consent to our use of cookies as updated from time to time. In particular, you consent to cookies being stored on your computer and/ or mobile device (unless rejected or disabled by your browser).

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4. Updating This Notice

We may update our use of cookies from time to time and consequently we may update this Notice. We therefore recommend that you check this Notice regularly. We will notify you of any significant changes by way of a notice on our website or by contacting you directly when reasonably possible.

绝对必要的 Cookie


HostCookie NameDescriptionSession
waukbearing.comTEST_AMCV_COOKIE_WRITE确定用户是否已接受 cookie 同意框。SESSION
waukbearing.comOptanonAlertBoxClosed网站使用 OneTrust 提供的特定版本的 Cookie 法律合规解决方案来设置此 Cookie。可在访客看到 Cookie 信息通知后设置,在某些情况下,只有当他们主动关闭通知时才可设置。使得网站不会向同一用户多次显示此消息。此 Cookie 的有效期为一年,不包含任何个人信息。PERSISTENT
waukbearing.comOptanonConsent可使用 OneTrust 提供的 Cookie 合规解决方案来设置此 Cookie。此 Cookie 可存储该网站所用 Cookie 的类别信息,以及访客是否对每个类别的使用表示同意或撤回同意的相关信息。因此,当访客未同意时,网站所有者不会在用户浏览器中设置每个类别的 Cookie。此 Cookie 通常有一年有效期,可以记住网站回访者的偏好,不包含可识别网站访客的信息。PERSISTENT
www.waukbearing.comaffinityAEM 使用此 cookie 来管理会话SESSION

性能 Cookie


HostCookie NameDescriptionSession
waukbearing.com_gid此 Cookie 名称与 Google Universal Analytics 相关联。这似乎是一个新 Cookie,截至 2017 年春季,Google 未提供任何相关信息。此 Cookie 似乎可存储和更新每个访问页面的唯一值。PERSISTENT
waukbearing.com_gclxxxxGoogle 转化跟踪 CookiePERSISTENT
waukbearing.com_ga此 Cookie 名称与 Google Universal Analytics 相关联,这是更常用的 Google 分析服务的重大更新。此 Cookie 通过分配随机生成的数字作为客户标识符来区分用户,包含在网站的每个页面请求中,用于计算网站分析报告所需的访客、会话和活动数据。尽管网站所有者可以自定义,但其有效期默认设置为 2 年。PERSISTENT


HostCookie NameDescriptionSession
assets.adobedtm.comat_check由 Adobe Target 用来检查浏览器上是否启用/支持 CookiePERSISTENT

功能 Cookie


HostCookie NameDescriptionSession
waukbearing.commbox由 Adobe Target 用来生成页面营销对话框中的动态内容。包含以下值:
PC ID - 访客的浏览器 ID。删除 Cookie 时移除。
会话 ID - 用户会话的唯一 ID。
检查 - 检查是否支持 Cookie。在每次加载页面时设置。
waukbearing.comat_check由 Adobe Target 用来检查浏览器上是否启用/支持 CookieSESSION


HostCookie NameDescriptionSession
info.dovercorp.com__cf_bm__cf_bm 是支持 Cloudflare 机器人 Management 的必要 Cookie,目前处于内测阶段。此 Cookie 是我们机器人管理服务的一部分,可帮助管理符合机器人相关标准的传入流量。
app-ab42.marketo.com__cf_bm__cf_bm 是支持 Cloudflare 机器人 Management 的必要 Cookie,目前处于内测阶段。此 Cookie 是我们机器人管理服务的一部分,可帮助管理符合机器人相关标准的传入流量。

定向 Cookie


HostCookie NameDescriptionSession
waukbearing.com_gat_gtag_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGoogle AnalyticsPERSISTENT
waukbearing.com_mkto_trk此 Cookie 与 Marketo 提供的电子邮件营销服务相关联。网站可通过这种跟踪 Cookie 将访客行为与电子邮件营销活动的收件人关联起来,以衡量活动的有效性。PERSISTENT
waukbearing.comAMCVS_这是与 Adobe Marketing Cloud 相关联的模式类型 Cookie 名称,可存储唯一访客标识符,并使用企业标识符。SESSION
waukbearing.comAMCV_这是与 Adobe Marketing Cloud 相关联的模式类型 Cookie 名称,可存储唯一访客标识符,并使用企业标识符,使公司能够对各个域名和服务的用户进行跟踪。PERSISTENT


HostCookie NameDescriptionSession
youtube.comYSCYouTube 是 Google 旗下的视频托管和分享平台。YouTube 通过嵌入网站的视频收集用户数据,将用户数据与其他 Google 服务的个人资料数据进行汇总,以便向平台自己的众多网站及其他网站的访客显示定向广告。SESSION
doubleclick.nettest_cookie此域名归 Doubleclick(Google)所有。主要经营活动为:Doubleclick 是 Google 旗下的实时竞价广告交易平台PERSISTENT
youtube.comCONSENT此 Cookie 记录有关最终用户如何使用该网站的信息,以及最终用户在访问该网站前可能看到的任何广告。PERSISTENT
youtube.comVISITOR_INFO1_LIVE此 Cookie 作为唯一标识符,用来跟踪视频的观看情况PERSISTENT
youtube-nocookie.comCONSENT此 Cookie 记录有关最终用户如何使用该网站的信息,以及最终用户在访问该网站前可能看到的任何广告。PERSISTENT
doubleclick.netIDE此域名归 Doubleclick(Google)所有。主要经营活动为:Doubleclick 是 Google 旗下的实时竞价广告交易平台PERSISTENT