High-Performing Bearings & Seals

Waukesha Bearings has earned itself a reputation for solving the industry’s toughest challenges. Our custom-engineered fluid film bearing, magnetic bearing and brush seal solutions optimize the performance of rotating equipment across the oil & gas, power generation, marine and industrial markets.

Fluid Film Bearings

For more than 70 years, fluid film bearing technology has been the cornerstone of our business at Waukesha Bearings. Expert engineers apply proprietary design features, extensive materials knowledge, and field-proven predictive programs to ensure peak performance of fixed profile and tilting pad bearing solutions.

Our comprehensive range of oil- and process-lubricated bearings are engineered for low power consumption, low bearing temperatures and the highest reliability and efficiency.

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Magnetic Bearing Systems

Whether facing remote locations, harsh environments or demanding operating conditions, industry leaders trust Waukesha Magnetic Bearings to engineer superior magnetic bearing systems to last the life of their machinery.

Years of application experience have provided our engineers the opportunity to collaborate with OEMs and end-users to enhance software functionality, refine key features and broaden our product offering.

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Brush Seals

Our highly specialized bearings are complemented by compliant sealing systems that reduce leakage gaps for improved operational efficiencies.

Waukesha Bearings brush seal technology was originally used in the aerospace industry to improve jet engine efficiency and reduce airborne pollutants. Our experience has taken the technology into the harsh and demanding environments of industrial turbomachinery, where it is used in air, steam, and process gas applications.

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Rotordynamic Analysis

Along with the rotor, the bearings and seals are the most influential components in rotating equipment vibrations. Waukesha Bearings provides comprehensive rotordynamic analysis to validate original builds, diagnose problems and propose optimized solutions.

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