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Waukesha Magnetic Bearings: Magnetic Bearings Overview

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings offers sealed magnetic bearings or canned magnetic bearings – each engineered to meet our customer's unique needs. Magnetic bearings increase reliability and availability as well as energy efficiency. They are environmentally friendly, ideal for remote and unmanned locations, and are virtually maintenance free. 

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Magnetic Bearings Overview

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings is the world’s largest magnetic bearing supplier…serving the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers and end-users.

Our broad reference list includes over 40 installations in turbomachinery larger than 20 megawatts…

Waukesha’s products are installed on a variety of high-performing rotating equipment, including gas and steam turbines, centrifugal compressors, motors, generators and pumping systems.

Magnetic bearings use electromagnetic forces to control and suspend a rotor in a magnetic field. Once levitated, the rotor position is automatically adjusted to maintain optimal rotor-dynamic performance.

Components of a magnetic bearing include axial magnetic bearings …radial magnetic bearings … position sensor…and auxiliary bearings

Magnetic bearings increase reliability and availability and energy efficiency. They are environmentally friendly, ideal for remote and unmanned locations, and are virtually maintenance free.

Magnetic bearings also allow you to reduce infrastructure costs and overall footprint. Because of their quiet operation and lack of oil systems, they don’t require a large enclosure or many of the auxiliaries or safety systems that are needed in a traditional installation.

Our specialized hardware includes canned axial and radial bearings for use in harsh environments.

“We were the first to offer both canned radial and axial bearings for high speed motor compressors.”

Waukesha canned magnetic bearings are designed to be immersed in the most corrosive and abrasive environments - making them ideal for sour gas applications or subsea compression.

“Magentic bearings additional advantage of easier automation for your unmanned plants."

Waukesha’s technology reduces the costs associated with on-site maintenance by using remote connectivity capabilities to monitor and adjust the system.

Enhanced software functions for diagnostics are integral to Waukesha’s magnetic bearings controls

“The magnetic bearing cabinet is a single point of contact compared to the multiple pieces of equipment involved in with an oil bearing system.”

The integration of magnetic bearings allows for a simple and robust system.

“The more simple the system the less components you have the higher the reliability”

Incorporating magnetic bearing technology into your application can generate a significant return on investment.

“A solution with magnetic bearings saves us a lot of investment costs and lifecycle costs it was a tremendous amount of savings we could made all to the benefit of the combination where magnetic bearings played a key role in this whole set-up.”

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings...increased reliability…environmentally friendly…and the lowest total cost of ownership.