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Automated Commissioning

Technology leadership is at the forefront of every Waukesha Magnetic Bearings system. The development of Automated Commissioning reinforces Waukesha's commitment to staying ahead of the industry and meeting customer needs. 

Commissioning is traditionally done by the magnetic bearing supplier, but with the launch of Automated Commissioning the OEM or end user can commission their own solution, giving them full capability on the equipment they operate. 

Not only does this give control of commissioning and maintenance, it speeds up commissioning time and creates a consistent/repeatable process for WMB and customer commissioning engineers. Automated Commissioning can:

  • Eliminate OEM dependence on the supplier for critical service
  • Decrease the time for initial commissioning
  • Allow for less downtime for maintenance or issues in the field
  • Decrease time for training
  • Decrease the need for dedicated, specialized support

OEM Benefits

  • Suitable for initial build (OEM), end user installation and maintenance work
  • Ability to commission independently
  • Ability to maintain independently
  • Faster commissioning on first of class
  • Rapid commissioning for repeat units
  • Options for remote support by AMB specialists
  • Automated commissioning record
  • Consistent commissioning process
  • Consistent tuning for repeat units
  • Reduces need for AMB specialists

End User Benefits

  • Automatic checks after maintenance independent of WMB or the OEM, meaning reduced downtime
  • Faster commissioning for reduced site time and cost
  • Automated commissioning records for the rapid identification of degradation of machine performance
  • Consistent tuning for repeat units
  • Reduces the need for AMB specialists
  • Options for remote support by AMB specialists
  • Simplifies process of matching the OEM factory build


Automated Commissioning is available on the following Waukesha Magnetic Bearings controllers:

  • Elephanta®
  • Chinook®
  • Zephyr®

Older NGC controllers are upgradeable on a case by case basis.