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Bearings Systems Support

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings offers unique system support that reduces operating expenses and logistical headaches. While the conventional approach to commissioning and maintenance requires onsite support from the magnetic bearing manufacturer, Waukesha can accomplish this remotely.

Leveraging the inherent intelligence of magnetic bearing systems and the remote connectivity capability of third generation controls, Waukesha Magnetic Bearings has developed technology that allows OEMs and end users to commission and troubleshoot their machines – with specialist support via remote condition monitoring and comprehensive training programs.

Support you need from people you trust.

  • Remote condition monitoring
  • Reduced need for on-site maintenance
  • Comprehensive training programs led by magnetic bearing experts
  • 24/7 access to technical experts
  • Increased machine reliability and availability
  • Decreased total cost of ownership


For OEMs

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings offers hands-on training for:

  • OEM commissioning staff to:
    • Perform OEM and end-user commissioning
  • Frontline maintenance staff to:
    • Perform sophisticated fault finding 
    • Perform specified maintenance

All courses are customized to meet the specific application needs.

For End Users

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings offers training by magnetic bearing experts for:

  • Operators to understand:
    • Active magnetic bearing principles
    • Basic operation, including safety
    • Routine maintenance requirements
  • Frontline maintenance staff to:
    • Use the controller display, including the event log and alarm status
    • Perform sophisticated fault finding 
    • Perform specified maintenance 

All courses are customized to meet the specific application needs.

Training Modules

Active magnetic bearing system training modules include:

  • (M001) Chinook Single Bay Cabinet
  • (M002) Chinook Dual Bay Cabinet
  • (M004) Advanced Bearing Control Unit 3 (BCU3)
  • (M005) Zephyr Controller
  • (M006) Advanced Zephyr
  • (M007) Inductive Sensors
  • (M008) Magnetic Displacement Sensors
  • (M009) BCU3 Measurements
  • (M010) AMB Hardware Overview
  • (M011) AMB Hardware – Machine Specific
  • (M012) Advanced Elephanta
  • (M013) Elephanta Cabinet
  • (M014) Basic BCU3 Displays with Login
  • (M015) Zephyr Sensors
  • (M016) Zephyr Measurements, Part 1
  • (M017) Zephyr Measurements, Part 2
  • (M018) AMB Hardware – Machine Specific Overview
  • (M019) Magnetic Displacement Sensor Diagnostic Procedure
  • (M020) Magnet Diagnostic Procedure