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The marine industry demands high levels of performance and reliability, whether in the propulsion system or in ship-service power generation. 

Waukesha Bearings has been supplying the industry since the mid-1960s, serving surface and sub-surface vessels ranging from small tugboats to container ships to large oil tankers. We pioneered and continue to supply complete bearing systems for:

  • Stern tubes
  • Drive systems (main propulsion and shaft line)
  • Gearboxes
  • Reduction gears

Waukesha Bearings combines its engineering expertise, proven designs, and precision manufacturing with a deep understanding of ship issues, developed through years of service to the maritime and naval industry. The result is a system-based analysis and optimized bearing for your vessel’s specific requirements.


System-Based Engineering

Waukesha Bearings excels at solving complex problems. Our engineers examine conditions up and down the shaft to ensure that we provide the right solution for your requirements and your system. Cross-coupling effects and potentially destabilizing forces are evaluated together to get a complete picture of equipment performance.

With the available envelope, anticipated operating conditions, and bearing requirements, our team of experts designs optimum thrust, journal and combination bearings, backed by reliable performance predictions.

We then integrate that bearing with the necessary housing, instrumentation, lubrication system, cooling system, seals and more for a complete, coupling-to-coupling solution.


Quality Second to None

Marine bearing manufacturing is centralized in our Wisconsin facility, where we have decades of experience in the unique requirements of the marine industry, including proficiency in United States military standards and specifications and NAVSEA technical publications.

To maintain quality control, the babbitting process is performed in-house. Tin-based babbitt is applied centrifugally and is metallurgically bonded to the bearing for maximum operating efficiency. All materials meet or exceed the specification and standards established for shipboard use.

Waukesha Bearings employs rigorous quality assurance procedures and performs non-destructive testing, including magnetic particle testing and radiography, to ensure the integrity of our solutions. In addition, solutions are designed for shock qualification.


Custom-Engineered Bearings

Waukesha Bearings combines engineering and manufacturing expertise, a robust supply chain, rigorous quality inspections, and FAR and DFARS proficiency to provide a complete solution and ensure maximum performance.

Waukesha Bearings designs and manufactures each bearing to the space and load requirements of the customer. Our capabilities include pedestal mounted, bulkhead mounted, and flange/foundation mounted bearing designs. 


TPT bearing in housing

Tilt Pad Thrust Bearings

Self-equalizing and non-equalizing tilt pad thrust bearing designs are both available as a split or solid ring and with a variety of tilt pad style, size, number, pivot offset and material options. ‘Directed Lubrication’ is typically supplied due to its lower power loss, but flooded lubrication is also available. Pad temperatures and loads can be monitored through bearing instrumentation.


Fixed profile journal bearing

Fixed Geometry Journal Bearings

Fixed geometry journal bearings are available in split or solid designs, with or without thrust faces. In applications requiring greater stability, a range of specialized bore profiles, such as lemon bore, offset halves, or lobes are available to provide better shaft control and avoid oil whirl. Hydrostatic jacking is available to accommodate high loads at start-up.


TPJ bearing in pedestal

Tilt Pad Journal Bearings

Waukesha Bearings applies a broad range of design features to ensure optimum performance of tilt pad journal bearings. Pad arc, pivot offset, bearing clearance, length of bearing and preload are each carefully considered. Our ‘Directed Lubrication’ minimizes power loss while keeping pad temperatures low, and we offer a variety of bearing materials to accommodate higher loads, higher temperatures and lubrication by process fluids.


Combination bearing

Combination Bearings

Combination journal/thrust bearings are available in a wide range of designs. Fixed profile or tilt pad journal bearings can be supplied with single or dual thrust faces. Depending on axial loads, thrust faces can be taper land, plain grooved or tilt pad designs. Our engineers apply the full range of available features and materials to ensure an optimized bearing solution.



magnetic bearings

Magnetic Bearings

Waukesha Magnetic Bearings leads the industry in custom-engineered magnetic bearing systems for high-performing rotating equipment. Compared to oil-lubricated bearings, magnetic bearings can provide increased reliability and availability, greater efficiency, quieter operation, more consistent rotordynamic characteristics and decreased maintenance. With built-in monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, Waukesha magnetic bearing systems also allow remote observability and adjustments.



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