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Waukesha Bearings Corporation™ Branding Initiative

November 28, 2012




 The Waukesha Bearings Corporation™ brand has been developed to project our corporate vision and reinforce our company’s standing as a global leader. We are dedicated to solving the world’s toughest problems through the use of superior technology and operational excellence. By leveraging the strength of three integrated business units – Engineered Fluid Film Bearings, Magnetic Bearings, and Engineered Seals – we deliver technology and application expertise unrivaled in the industry. These brands, and the products and services we offer, help to differentiate Waukesha Bearings Corporation from its competitors.

 Our Promise

Only Waukesha Bearings Corporation™ has the culture, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit to drive technological breakthroughs and operational excellence that exceed our customers’ expectations globally.

We are never satisfied.

 At Waukesha Bearings Corporation™, our forward-thinking team is committed to leading the markets we serve through superior technology and operational excellence.  And, our entrepreneurial leadership inspires a culture that seeks opportunities for the benefit of customers, employees and stakeholders.

 We are customer-focused in all that we do.  We provide local support in our customers’ space and time.  Our products are uniquely engineered to meet the needs of our customers, giving us the broadest application experience in oil & gas, power generation, defense and industrial markets.

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